Minutes of Meeting of the CSCSD Stakeholders on SDGs

Minutes of Meeting of the CSCSD stakeholders on SDGs held on Friday, April 12, 2019, at Maria Ebun Foundation building CAFSO-WRAG for Development office, Atanda Estate of KLM 5 Ibadan-Ife Expressway, Adegbayi Area, Ibadan, Nigeria.
  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Welcome Address by the National Coordinator
  3. Apologies
  4. Reports from across the country on SDGs implementation process
  5. SDG Journal/Conference
  6. Planning for SDG 4 Education Summit/DAWN Commission
  7. HLPF 2019 Processes: Preparation towards VNR HLPF (report Moji)
  8. TAP Network support for Workshop around SDG 16
  9. FOIACSCSD Matter: OGP/FOIA award for Kayode Fayemi
  10. Collaboration with Sustainable Support Forum (SSF) and SDSN 16-22 June ‘19
  11. Actionable Points
  12. AOB
  13. Lunch
  14. Adjournment/Closing prayer
  1. Dr. Tola Winjobi – National Coordinator
  2. Pastor Peter Akosile – Ekiti State
  3. Martin-Mary Falana – Ekiti/Ondo State
  4. Mojisola Akinsanya – Ogun State
  5. Alo Martins – Ondo State
  6. Treasures Uchegbu – Lagos State
  7. AdebimpeAderounmu – Oyo State
  8. Salau Adekunle – Kwara State
  9. Funmi Akinyele PhD – Oyo State
  1. Opening Prayer: the meeting commenced 11.05am with an opening prayer by Pastor Akosile of PAAM ORG, Ekiti State.
  2. Welcome Address by the National Coordinator: Dr Tola Winjobi of CAFSO-WRAG for Development and also the National Coordinator of CSCSD welcomed the members. He stated that this is a pre-National stakeholder meeting to deliberate on very pressing development matter before bringing together everyone; he appreciated God for journey mercies for everyone and thanked the coalition for the birthday wishes, prayers, and encomium showered on him.
  3. Apologies
    1. Rev Fr. John Patrick – Chair, Board of Trustees
    2. Wasiu Adebiyi – Osun State Coordinator
    3. Dr. Ashimolowo – National Steering Committee member
    4. Mrs Bisi Mekwuye – BOT Member
    5. Pastor Nosegbe – Lagos Coordinator
  4. Reports from across the country on SDGs implementation process: Brief reports were elicited to enable members attending the HLPF to have robust CSCSD activity report at New York, it was unanimously agreed that a Google form be created to allow members to capture CSOs member reports, glean best global practice from such intervention as benchmark which can also be shared on the CSCSD media platforms. Martin-Mary Falana of Kids&Teens Resource Centre (Ekiti and Ondo respectively) took responsibility to create one. Reports provided by members present were as follows:
    • Ekiti State:
      1. Ending Violence Against Children Stakeholders meeting in Ekiti State attended by Government representatives across Health, Education, Women Affairs, Gender and Social Development, Information and Civil Society Organisation, Together plans were developed to create a safety net for all the children in Ekiti state. Law enforcement agencies cried over the “order from above” syndrome in handling cases of child sexual abuse.
      2. Beyond “Match Pasts” – CSOs have planned other interesting activities to mark this year’s National Children’s Day 2019
      3. Regular CSOs meeting in Ekiti State
    • Ondo State
      1. Agro-women initiative in Ondo state – a project of Life & Peace new Agricultural policy for the state. The program sort to assist women in agriculture access government loan as embedded in the state budget.
      2. CSOs follow-up meeting with Commissioner of Ministry of Economic, planning and Budget held March 15th, 2019 to discuss the issue of OGP which the Commissioner gave his word that he will discuss it with the Governor and revert in April 2019, promising that the government will sign on to OGP
      3. Children Hygiene And Sanitation Education (CHASE) Club among pupils in schools and children in communities implemented by Kids & Teens Resource Centre in collaboration with other CSOs in Ondo state. The government has approved the implementation of the project in all LGAs in the state.
      4. Adolescent Reproductive Health project with “PhotoVoice” Advocacy program by the Young People in Ondo state from four(4) public school. Young people now using pictures to conduct advocacy with policymakers
      5. CSOs on Kidney Alliance marked this year’s World Kidney Day with a 5 KLM walk, Counselling, and Testing
    • Lagos
      1. Advocacy and sensitization for the inclusion of persons with disabilities into the World Bank APPEALS (Agro-processing, Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support) Project by SpeakingFingers Network
      2. Participation and presentation of Mental Health Foundation (member and host of CSCSD Lagos monthly meetings) at the visit of the Presidential Advisory Committee on the Elimination of Drug and Substance Abuse organized by the Lagos State Interministerial Drug Abuse Control Committee, identified key pain point areas include an Elimination of Stigma, Miscellaneous drug and rehabilitation,
      3. Ongoing presentation and Disability Orientation to Corporate organization as recently conducted by SpeakingFingers Network at Cake ‘n’ Candys and at the 2019 HR Expo Africa
      4. CSCSD members were enjoined to mainstream issues of mental, emotional wellness (SDG 3) and inclusion of persons living with disabilities (SDGs 4, 8, 10, 11 and 17) into its thematic focus in the light of UN’s Leave No One Behind.
      5. Participation SpeakingFingers Network on the invitation of the United Nations Information Centre in commemoration of the UN International Day of Happiness – March 20th annually.
      6. Monthly CSOs meeting held
      7. The question was posed to Lagos on the constitution of the state of lobbying by CSOs as members of the just inaugurated Transition Committee in Lagos State?
    • Ogun State
      1. Presentation of the People’s Manifesto to 656 participants comprising of Artisans, State Actors, Religious Leaders, etc. at the Cultural Centre in lieu of meetings with the gubernatorial candidates, of which only three (3) attended. However the APC leader sent in apologies owing to the security issues during his electioneering period;
      2. An official meeting was scheduled and attended by 30 CSOs Networks at the Cultural Centre, a four (4) Hour Advocacy meeting with to the First Lady as facilitated by Honorable ?????, who was present at the International SDGs Conference held by CSCSD Ogun state. She welcomed different presentations were made from other intervention areas and CSCSD SDG activities as well as the intent to decorate her as SDG Champion like the outgoing First Lady. An official presentation of the copies of the People’s Manifesto and SDGs Law ensued, while she who pledge to use her good office to mobilize funds for the implementation of the SDGs and inauguration of a think-tank committee to provide technical advisory support to His Excellency the Governor.
      3. The House applauded the milestone, access, and audience of the Ogun state First Lady which is almost a far cry of what is obtainable in other climes where fees are solicited from women attendees at the International Women’s Day by the Office of the First Lady
  5. SDG Journal/Conference:
    1. Journal: this is aimed at documenting CSCSD members activities of unique development interest and practice beyond conference proceedings, it could include abstracts, activities and paper presentations of members for references – where theory meets practice, Mr Aderonmu shared a case study of a peasant farm that produces 15 liters of milk under normal climate condition in Nigeria, that has become a research centre for best practical studies because they were able to flag its activities to relevant development actors. He was charged by the House to get the buy-in support of DEPRA as part of the Editorial Team and report to the House
    2. Conference: the resolution from the House unanimously agreed
      1. to host a unified Three (3) Day CSCSD International Conference August 26th to 31st, the venue at Abeokuta,
      2. a Pre-Youth Conference on August 26th to be headed by the CSCSD South-South Youths;
      3. a National Planning Committee to constituted comprising of members of the CSCSD National Steering Committee (NSC), the NSC is also mandated to co-opt other international agencies of support relevance to be a part of the National Planning Committee;
      4. A Local Organising Committee (LOC) chaired by Moji Akinsanya, Martin-Mary volunteered as Secretary, and three members each from each Southwest states (preferably the Coordinator, an Executive, Youth and or Active Member; gender balance should also be considered in the selection/nomination process); Ogun state was allowed more slots so we can leverage the effectiveness of her previous planning team.
      5. The following are selected members by state
        1. Ogun State: Mojisola Akinsanya, Tola Adenekan, Femi Olusola, Pro Helen Bodunde, Tayo Akinpelu, JDPC Youth
        2. Ondo: Mrs Odedele Yinka (Coordinator), High Chief Akomolafe, Miss Becky Deinde O.
        3. Ekiti: Pastor Peter Akosile, Mr Temitayo Fabunmi, Barr Rita Ileubare, Mr Femi Timilehin
        4. Lagos: Pastor Victor Nosegbe, Treasures Uchegbu, CSCSD Exco
        5. Oyo: Dr Funmi Akinyele, Mr Obayemi Moses Babasola, Mr Michael Olatunbosun
        6. Osun: Adebiyi, Rev.Bolaji Ebenezer, Mr Ayo Okelana
      6. A talking point should begin on our existing CSCSD platform by Dr. Winjobi, while the LOC Chairperson – Moji Akinsanya should create a Whatsapp group to kick start the planning
  6. Planning for SDG 4 Education Summit/DAWN Commission: The SW CSCSD members decry the deplorable state of performance of its children/wards in education in recent reports, hence is advocating for the declaration of a state of emergency on education and a proposed to host a SW Education summit in collaboration with DAWN Commission so as to leverage its existing partnership with the SW governments for their buy-in support; it was also recommended that youths within the states should leverage social media highlight key issues of advocacy inclusive of the dilapidated youth friendly centres across the nation and solicit their involvement in developing and implementation of laudable youth based policies as sighted by the National Policy on SRHR presented by Mr Martin-Mary Falana. Dr.Funmi Akinyele was charged with discussing with DAWN Commission; a shadow report from a side event at our Proposed International Conference
  7. HLPF 2019 Processes: Preparation towards VNR HLPF (report Moji): the House lauded Moji Akinsanya for creating WhatsApp platform to educate and engage CSCSD members towards effective application to participation at the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF)/Voluntart National ReviewVNR in New York. She updated the house on the step by step process of Visa Application, securing appointment date, dispelled prevailing myths and misconception often peddled by agents like requesting participants to own huge back account balance amongst others, she also provided tips on securing travel history, likely pitfalls towards successful application, registration process on different UN platforms and most importantly how members of the Coalition can support one another while attending the HLPF.
  8. TAP Network support for Workshop around SDG 16: Dr Winjobi reported his appointment as one of the two African representatives on the TAP network, as a result, he has been able to secure Nigeria’s slot and participation for a 5,000 dollar grant project on SDG16; he had on behalf of CSCSD sent a concept note and it was resolved that a three (3) Man Committee comprising representatives from Oyo, Kwara and Lagos to look through the concept note; develop a realistic budget for the $5,000, and activities for a two (2) days training on SDG 16 in the month of May, which could be on transparency, accountability, democracy, human trafficking and or as the committee agrees, Mr Aderonmu to lead the process , a Whatsapp platform is created for engagement. Dr.Winjobi also announced an SDG Conference slated for May 27 to 29, 2019 in Rome, he enjoined CSCSD members to participate in the four(min) SDG16 storytelling challenge as well as visit the TAP Network website for value-added resources.
  9. FOIACSCSD Matter: OGP/FOIA award for Kayode Fayemi: Highlights of the interconnectivity of FOIA activities with CSCSD was shared by Dr. Winjobi, concerns were expressed on the prevailing challenges on the FOIA network which has stunted their performance, to re-strategize and resuscitate its activities, Mr Martin-Mary Falana was charged by the House to reach out to FOIA Network principal officers and revert, as CSCSCD seeks to award Gov. Kayode Fayemi for good governance by way of boosting him to sign into OGP. Moji Akinsanya in line with the aforementioned, informed the House of a preplanned meeting scheduled for Tues 16, April 2019 in lieu of decorating him as an SDG Champion, it was agreed that her team should leverage the visit to advocate for the OGP signing, invite as Keynote Speaker our upcoming International Conference and proposed SW Educational Summit.
  10. Collaboration with Sustainable Support Forum (SSF) and SDSN 16-22 June ’19: A letter addressed to our National Coordinator was presented to the House requesting CSCD members mobilization and free participation at a business trade and export fair organized by the Sustainable Support Forum by way of considering Development and Enterprise at Abuja June 16 to 22nd 2019. Members are free to bring products and services for sales exhibition stands. Dr Winjobi to request modalities for our participation and revert.
  11. Actionable Points
    1. Develop a Google form to capture members SDGs Activities – Martin-Mary
    2. Share soft copies of People’s manifesto and SDGs law to be circulated to CSCSD members for lobbying their Assembly- Moji Akinsanya
    3. Come up with a Journal to chronicle development practices in partnership with DEPRA – Adebimpe Aderounmu
    4. CSCSD Oyo state to engage DAWN Commission on Govt Participation at our proposed August International Conference in August and a possible SW Educational Summit to address the deplorable state of education in the SW region – Funmi Akinyele, PhD
    5. Create a talking point of our August International Conference on the CSCSD Groups– Dr Winjobi: Create a Whatsapp platform for LOC to discuss and engage on the implementation of the International Conference – Moji Akinsanya
    6. Members are enjoined to participate in the TAP Network SDG 16+ story telling challenge Dr. Winjobi to follow up on the contact at TVC on the write-up on behalf of CSCSD; he also enjoined members to look out on their website for more value-added resources
    7. Three Man Committee (Ibadan, Kwara, and Lagos) to look through the concept note submitted by Dr Winjobi to TAPnetwork to develop a realistic budget, and activities for a two (2) day training on SDG 16 in the month of May suggested discuss points could be on transparency, accountability, democracy, human trafficking or as the committee agrees – Mr Aderonmu
    8. Contact Officers of the FOIA Network to strategize and resuscitate activities – Martin-Mary Falana and Pastor Peter Akosile
    9. Visit to Gov. Fayemi in lieu of decorating him as SDGChampion which could be leveraged towards the advocacy towards signing into OGP for his state, inviting him as a Keynote Speaker at our proposed International Conference and SW Education summit – *Moji Akinsanya
    10. Mobilization of individual CSCSD state members to attend /participate at the Sustainable Support Forum Trade and Export Fair at Abuja June 16 to 22nd 2019* *Dr Winjobi* to request modalities for our participation
  12. AOB
    1. Memorial lecture in honor of Dr Funmi Akinyele’s father, Dr Adebukola, on the 2nd May
    2. Dr.Akinyele will also request that Nutrition be included as a discussion point at our upcoming International Conference in August.
  13. Lunch: Lunch was served courtesy of CAFSO-WRAG for Development office
  14. Adjournment/Closing prayer: a motion for adjournment was moved Dr.Tola Winjobi seconded by. Alo Martins Closing prayer by Salau Adekunle
  15. Members then proceeded for a group photograph

Treasures Uchegbu
Secretary, CSCSD Lagos

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