A society whose center-stage is justice, peace, fulfillment of human rights and development in all ramifications.

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Democratic Governance, Transparency and Accountability, Solidarity with the Poor, Inclusiveness and Partnership.

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Pressurize governments & other stakeholders to give the lives of people a meaning through upholding justice and human rights.

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CSCSD: Who We are


Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development (CSCSD) also known as Campaign2015+ International is a coalition of over 2000 registered civil society and nongovernmental organizations committed to citizens’ empowerment, human rights protection, development and peace in Nigeria. CSCSD is a member of the recently inaugurated UN-led Nigerian Civil Society Strategy Group on SDGs which members of the House Committee on SDGs are part of.


Nigeria‘s problem is hydra-head just like Goal 16 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Goal 16 speaks to access to justice. Do we have justice in the land where a number four contestant at the governorship election becomes number one in Imo State?

It is fitting to affirm that the sustainable Development Goals presents a wholesome opportunity to better the lot of the impoverished across the world in a clearly defined manner. This is also taking into account several vulnerable persons living in different communities either in developed, developing or under-developed countries. Undoubtedly, the most recent pandemic that has ravaged the world with attendant ill-effects has brought about some reversal in progress made towards attainment of these goals especially in developing countries.

IN THE PRESS: SHRINKING CIVIC SPACE IN NIGERIA Governments: Take concrete steps to reverse trends of shrinking and closing civic spaces in Nigeria, By Tola Winjobi Stop intimidating #EndSARS promoters, supporters, group tells FG Fight Insurgency and Stop Intimidating #EndSARS Frontliners and Supporters – CSCSD Blasphemy: Court frees 13-year-old, orders retrial of musician sentenced to death Communique Issued by Participants at the end of a One-Day National Multi stakeholders Workshop on Shrinking and Close Civic Space in Nigeria For the … read more

According to some sources, gold mining activities have been going in old Oyo State in the past couple of decades, though gold has been discovered several years before. The uncoordinated spillover of the flushing out of bandits and illegal miners in Zamfara State eventually opened up a new vista on the mining activities in Ilesha, Osun Sate,Nigeria.

Under the current difficult and challenging times, the government and some other philanthropists have initiated some moves aimed at reducing the plights of those who could be worst affected by the pandemic. CSCSD commends the Federal Government of Nigeria for initiating and leading the mobilization of relief for vulnerable citizens especially the poorest of the poor in the wake of COVID 19 in the country. However, weare concerned about ensuring equitable distribution of resources reaching the target people including the criteria to determine who the poorest of the poor are, and how the palliatives would get to them

Between Monday 27 and Tuesday 28, January 2020, there was a Civil Society Retreat organized by the OSSAP-SDGs at Reiz Continental Hotel Abuja. Apart from paper presentations, there was an election that ushered in the new leadership of Civil Society Strategy Group on SDGs in Nigeria. It should be recalled that the first Civil Society Strategy Group on SDGs was organized under the auspices of OSIWA in November 2015 supported by Action Campaign but there has been some lull in … read more