Proposal for Themes of the Interactive Dialogues for the Summit

As per Decision 69/555 on the modalities for the process of intergovernmental negotiations on the post-2015 development agenda, the overarching theme for the dialogues will be “Transforming the world: realizing the post-2015 development agenda”.

It is envisaged that each interactive dialogue would address the three dimensions of sustainable development. There will also be scope to address in each dialogue issues such as gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, prioritising the needs of all vulnerable groups including children, older persons, persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples and migrants and ensuring implementation at all levels.

Proposed themes for the interactive dialogues:

  • Ending poverty and hunger
    Tackling poverty in all its dimensions; achieving food security and addressing malnutrition; completing the unfinished business of the MDGs.
  • Tackling inequalities, empowering women and girls and leaving no one behind
    Tackling inequalities within and between countries and supporting countries in special situations; supporting vulnerable groups; achieving gender equality; ensuring access for all to education, health care, social protection and safe and affordable drinking water and sanitation.
  • Fostering sustainable economic transformation
    Building resilient and dynamic economies and ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns; promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation; investing in sustainable agriculture and rural development, energy and infrastructure; supporting youth employment and decent work for all.
  • Protecting our planet and combating climate change
    Promoting resilience and disaster risk reduction; promoting sustainable consumption and production; ensuring conservation and sustainable management of oceans, seas, biodiversity and ecosystems; addressing land degradation and desertification; and supporting sustainable cities and human settlements.
  • Building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions to achieve sustainable development
    Strengthening institutions at all levels; promoting peaceful and inclusive societies; securing access to justice for all; and respecting all human rights, including the right to development.
  • Delivering on a revitalized Global Partnership
    Meeting all commitments on the means of implementation, including on financing for development, science, technology, innovation and capacity building; engaging all stakeholders and people worldwide, especially children and young people, in the realisation of the universally applicable SDGs; ensuring comprehensive follow-up and review and shaping effective multi-stakeholder partnerships.

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