Open SDGclub: Nigeria Workplan

Annex to Short Summary of Open SDGclub.Berlin meeting 21 – 23 November 2016

Ideas for action that came up during the meeting.

Please note that we have written down these ideas mentioned either during the official meetings or in informal rounds, without any obligation imposed on anybody. The aim is to share a kind of aide-memoire where you can add, delete, comment, subscribe to ideas.


(Please reformulate action if it corresponds better to your objective)


Who is responsible?

(Could be several actors)


(Try to set a starting date no later than August 2017)


(Please indicate here details, questions, disagreement)

Self-commitment for own actions
1) Share Open SDGclub.Berlin spirit with Consular Officers and  Germany Ambassador to Nigeria Tola Winjobi and Fr JP Ngoyi March 2017 This will be an advocacy visit to share our experience with them and present our workplan to them as a coalition on SDGs in Nigeria
Commitment for common actions by (all or some) Open SDGclub.Berlin participants
2) Organise a meeting in Nigeria about multi-stakeholder involvement in 2030 Agenda implementation and capacity building for CSOs Tola Winjobi and Fr John Patrick Ngoyi with CSCSD May/June 2017 We may need to approach German Embassy for support while we bring a Rep of Open SDGClub.Berlin to facilitate
Commitment to promote actions by others
3) Organise Debate on SDGs in Parliament CSCSD members March 2017 Advocacy visit
4) Set up a sustainability award scheme CSCSD members KIV 2018 To be done subject to availability of funds
5) Promote school competitions on SDGs CSCSD members KIV 2018 To be done subject to availability of funds



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