Group Two Work on Planning Process of Press Conference Strategy


As part of a capacity enablement workshop on FOI Act coming off in seven day’s time, explain the planning process of a press conference component of the workshop while you give a practical demonstration of how you are going to deliver the address and field questions from the press. You may organize a mock press conference and inform the plenary what happens after the conference.


  • At the planning process, CSOs will meet to decide the goal and objectives of the press conference
  • Decide action steps (what to do)

Assign responsibility to members:

  • Who does the script writing
  • Who read the script
  • Who takes the narrative
  • Who drafts and send letters
  • Who moderates the conference
  • Who does the introduction
  • Identification of allies in the media outfits
  • Selection of media houses to used
  • Come up with budgets
  • Decide stakeholders to be part of the conference
  • Follow-up the letters sent media houses
  • Come up with Action points (maximum of one page)
  • Decide the Venue for the conference, Date and Time
  • The Conference

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