CSCSD BoT Resolutions: November 2016

This is to share with you some of the resolutions taken by the board of Trustees of Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development (formerly Campaign2015+ International) in two of their meetings held in September and in November 2016.


  1. The name Campaign2015+ International has changed formally to Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development (CSCSD) as a result of the successful registration of the Coalition by the Corporate Affairs Commission in May 2016. The old website is still being maintained ( while the construction of the new website is on-going ( We shall soon migrate our old emails listserve to a new one later. We encourage members to be alert when we begin to send invite to join the list serve.


  1. The BOT also resolved that all BOT members in their various zones are zonal animators and will work as same for the group. They are to provide leadership, direction and guidance to people in their zones. They should identify new groups or members, mobilize them to meetings and ensure zonal and state co-ordinators are elected/appointed in their zones before the end of November 2016. Zones and states are to come up with structures that are convenient and would work in the best interest of the coalition.
  2. In addition, each zone and state should hold their meetings and come up with their own peculiar officers according to their interests including a Zonal Coordinator and six State Coordinators (not focal persons). The BoT would like to give them freedom to elect their officers but is interested in having a list of the Zonal and the State officers before the year runs to an end. Lagos State is having its meeting on Tuesday 6 December though other members Lagosoutside may attend as they wish.


  1. On the criteria for new membership of CSCSD, the BOT agreed that for now membership is open and free to all CSOs, groups, professional associations, activists, trade unions, individuals working in any of the 17 sustainable Development Goals. We are not encouraged to charge membership dues at this time. This is the new spirit of “leaving no one behind”. As many as are willing to be part of CSCSD, they should be allowed to be. The BOT will at all times provide technical support to any zone or state that requires such. The Coalition registration certificate will also be made available to any state or zone requiring same to raise fund to carry out its organisational objectives and programs.


  1. Each state or zone is free to embark on training of their members in the area of SDGs. The BoT is planning to organize a national capacity building on SDGs to take place in Abuja. This should also apply to the zone and states. In order to encourage participation this should be free. However, little fee could be charged to support logistics in case few member organizations cannot fund such workshop as the BoT has taken it upon themselves to organize a national one using their personal resources. The proposed national capacity building would last two days while the third day shall be for the General Assembly of members of CSCSD. Each zone is also free to organize their own training and use one of the days to organize elections into offices. Lagos State is proposing their own training to come off on Tuesday December 6 2016 while Southsouth members of CSCSD have proposed December 8 and 9 2016 for their workshop and elections. Meanwhile, BoT members are ready to give technical support to such zone or state that wants to organize such training so as to benefit from their wealth of experience.

The Southwest training on SDGs on August 31 2016 has become a reference point for others to follow.

Kindly seek clarifications on any of those issues above. You may write tolawinjobi58 at yahoo dot com.

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