CSCSD Appointed as African Regional Focal Organization

Dear Colleagues,

This is to formally inform you that Transparency Accountability and Participatory (TAP) Network USA has appointed your coalition Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development (CSCSD) as Regional Focal Point for the TAP Network in Africa. This is a co-regional focal position to be shared between CSCSD Nigeria and Saferworld Somalia represented respectively by Tola Winjobi and Abdijalil in West Africa and East Africa subregions. This was communicated through an email sent by Mr John Romano (the Coordinator) on Tuesday July 2 2018 from TAP Global Secretariat in New York.

The statement read, “Given the diversity of the CSOs in Africa, and the need to engage communities of civil society in multiple regions throughout Africa, the Steering Committee decided to establish co-regional focal points in the region based on the top two vote-getters from West Africa and East Africa with Tola and CSCSD serving West Africa and Abdijalil and Safer World Somalia serving the East Africa sub-region.” It added, “….we fully expect that you both will have a fruitful working relationship together, and that you’ll both utilize each other’s expertise and capacities to only multiply your own efforts going forward…I and the TAP Steering Committee are excited to have both of you on board for this very reason…”

The CSCSD Secretariat with the NSC and the BoT would like to thank all of you the entire membership of CSCSD for your support, especially for your votes. Despite the fact that we didn’t campaign or lobby for this many of you still went ahead to vote for us. We are grateful. However, it shouldn’t go without saying that we don’t count it as a grudge against the very member of the BoT who voted against us and went a step further to promote her own group canvassing for votes. It was your collective achievement and diligence coupled with your unconditional passion for the development of Nigeria as members of CSCSD that spoke for us which made the world vote for us. We appreciate you as you have made Nigeria proud by raising her profile amongst the comity of nations in sustainable development. We cannot but show our heart of gratitude to the TAP Steering Committee that has believed in us since the inception of TAP and for counting us worthy to be so appointed along with our colleague representing Africa. We are not going to disappoint you.

By this appointment, we are encouraged and energised more than ever before to continue in our good work campaigning for the attainment of SDGs in the interest of our people not only in Nigeria but also across Africa. I encourage us all to revert to our three-year work plan so as to see how we can tap into some of the state-level activities as agreed upon by the National Steering Committee meeting.

All hands must be on deck. Attaining SDGs is not the business of a single organization neither is it that of a government alone but of a collective responsibility that can avail much. Together we can do it bearing in mind the 2030 Agenda mantra “Leave no one behind”.

Thank you all.

Statement by:

Tola Winjobi (Ph.D.)

National Coordinator, CSCSD

4th July 2018

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