Campaign2015+ International and Post-2015 Development Agenda

Campaign2015+ International is the only coalition not only in Nigeria but also in Africa primarily established to collaborate with various stakeholders including the CSOs and governments towards attainment of MDGs and to campaign beyond 2015 on development and rights-based issues. With large membership and grassroots reach in some African countries, Campaign 2015+ is headquartered in Nigeria which is one of the countries that UNDG-led consultation is taking place. CAMPAIGN2015+’s constituency cuts across coalitions and networks including but not limited to NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, trade unions, professional associations, student organizations, minority groups, including the poor and the maginalised, disability groups, bilateral and multilateral agencies, and development partners working worldwide on development, human and socio-economic rights, justice and peace.


Campaign2015+ International is a staunch member of Beyond2015 International and an international member of GCAP and CIVICUS. Our members have served in various committees and discussion groups set up by Beyond2015 since 2011. Early in 2012, we set up a think tank strategy group that is responsible for programmes and activities that would make the voices of the people heard on post-2015 development agenda.

Campaign2015+ and Grassroots deliberations across Nigeria

Specifically in September 2012, we organized deliberations at the local level in the southwest Nigeria with focus on what the grassroots people want reflected in the new development framework. Later in October, Beyond2015 appointed Campaign2015+ as the Lead Agency to coordinate the national hubs for CSOs’ deliberations on post-2015 framework in Nigeria. Importantly, Campaign2015+ has been the first and only coalition so far in Nigeria that started discussions already on post-2015 agenda as it has solely organised several deliberations across the zones on the process and content of post-2015 development agenda. Our current discussions on the content of post-2015 agenda focus on four conceptual foundations: vision, purpose, principles, and criteria. We have carried out (as at January2013) deliberations in five out of six geo-political zones of Nigeria reaching out to grassroots people in about 30 states of Nigeria.

Campaign2015+ and Global Health

Since 2012, Campaign2015+ has been collaborating with the Alliance of Southern CS in Global Health (Global Health South) as its members were represented at the international meeting on 2nd Dialogue and Retreat from 3rd-9th March 2012 in Accra, Ghana. Recently, we also collaborated with Global Health South on Online CS Consultation on the Global Health Theme of the Post 2015 UN Agenda. Our members were mobilised to make input to the health theme discussions while the results were also shared with our stakeholders. The CS online consultation gives valuable perspectives on global health governance and development processes, calling for renewed attention to accountability and partnerships as well as participation and inclusive processes. The survey includes some interesting suggestions on how this should be shaped in the new agenda.

Campaign2015+ and Youth in Sierra Leone

Campaign2015+ International Sierra Leone is led by the Youth Partnership for Peace and Development (YPPD) – a youth-led intervention enhancing governments’ commitment towards delivery on the MDGs promises in Sierra Leone through the establishment of the Youth Taskforce on the MDGs. YPPD represents a foremost youth-led development organization and a key player in the anti-poverty movement that has immensely contributed towards the MDGs advocacy and campaigns in Sierra Leone with supports from the United Nations Millennium Campaign, Global Call to Action against Poverty and UNDP. Other contributions have been inputs into the draft framework of the beyond2015 process with Campaign2015+. Looking at the challenges faced by the MDGs in the Sierra Leonean setting and the conscious steps taken by the wider civil society, Campaign2015+ has been a golden opportunity of raising the profile of the post-2015 process and the mapping out strategy for engaging other stakeholders in the country.

Campaign2015+ International and ICT

New Generation Change-Makers Initiative (NGCI) is saddled with the responsibilities of being the ICT and Youth Coordinator at Campaign2015+ International and has been privileged to be invited as a delegate to African Youth Conference held in Nairobi, Kenya, from November 18-20, 2012. It jointly worked on African Youth Online Survey on Post-2015; and participated at My World Online Survey; and in UN online discussion on Youth and inequalities.

Campaign2015+ and Climate Change

Climate Change Network of Nigeria, the South-south zonal coordinator of Campaign2015+ International and a national coalition of over 150 diverse civil society organizations from across Nigeria, has been actively involved in promoting a post-2015 global development framework with its activities in the area of environmental sustainability that will actually contribute to achieving “The World We Want”. Promoting climate resilience in the grassroots through our “Cities/Local Government and Climate Change” project is a project aimed at building the capacity of grassroots governments and communities on the top-down national climate change mitigation and adaptation agenda for an effective bottom-up implementation of the national action plan, especially in the areas of low-carbon development, green job creation opportunities and urban resilience for poverty reduction and sustainable development.

Campaign2015+ and Population Dynamics

Population dynamics in the context of the post-2015 development agenda is critical for the achievement of the post-2015 development agenda and for sustainable development in general. Campaign2015+ staunchly supports the view of Beyond2015 that population dynamics and sexual and reproductive health are included in the post-2015 development agenda within a human-rights and gender-sensitive framework. Campaign2015+ contributed immensely to the position paper of Beyond2015 International on population dynamics. Worthy of note is Camapign2015+’s position on the problem of irregular migration which is linked to migrant’s lack of proper documentation and the right information on migration which often leads to migrants’ rights violation made worse by lack of migrant-responsive policy in the country of origin, transit country or country of final destination.

Campaign2015+ and Gender Issue

With the technical support of Campaign2015+ international, AFRICA WOCH carried out sensitization activities in the rural areas using the platform of Ward Development Committee (WDC). Some CSOs, CBOs, women leaders, youth leaders, town criers, and children were sensitized, and the success story was the establishment of a network of WDC members on post-2015 agenda. After the sensitization, WDC made key demands captured in COMMUNITY ACTION PLAN (August, 2012) and OPERATIONAL PLAN (November, 2012). AFRICA-WOCH organizes regular advocacy visits to trade groups, professional associations including Abia State Traders Association and Abia State Ministry of Women Affairs as part of her objective in organizing a state consultation for women and children summit on post 2015 agenda framework using the international days for children and women in 2013 and to dialogue and plan for a program hinged around post-2015 agenda and good governance.

Considering opportunities for synergy and engagement, we share outcomes of various local, national, regional, and global meetings on post-2015 development agenda with a wide range of stakeholders in our database. While incorporating many deliberation outcomes, we continue to mobilize stakeholders within ECOWAS, other African states, and especially zones in our country to actively participate in the national level consultation process.

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