Beyond2015/Campaign2015 Position Towards the Post-2015 Declaration

We present the compliments on behalf of Beyond 2015/Campaign2015+ International a global civil society campaign comprising more than 1200 civil society organizations from more than 140 countries working to advance the adoption of a strengthened, inclusive and legitimate post 2015 framework to success the Millennium Development Goals.

We are aware that representatives of the United Nations Member States will be meeting in New York from 17-20 February 2015 to share their perspectives on how the Post-2015 declaration should be framed.

Considering this important discussion, we would like to offer some inputs that we hope could be considered in preparation for the representation of our country at the post-2015 intergovernmental negotiations. Kindly find attached a copy of  our position paper that elucidates on key recommendations towards the post-2015 declaration with regards to Nigeria.

We look forward to further engaging in the processes under way at the United Nations and stand remain at your disposal to provide any further support needed.

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